Parking Charge Notices can be paid in a number of ways:

Paying a MyParkingCharge Notice

If you have received an MPC Notice from MyParkingCharge or a Notice through the post which has a serial number starting with "CS" after the 15th December 2016 and directs you to pay through the MyParkingCharge Portal, you will need to pay via this dedicated portal and cannot pay via our normal website. Please click the link below to be redirected.

Visit MyParkingCharge.co.uk

Paying a Standard PCN (*If you have received a standard Parking Charge Notice with a serial number beginning with "CS" or received a notice prior to the 1st December 2016*)

To pay online with your Credit or Debit card please follow the instructions below.

To pay by phone or by post please refer to the details on the rear of the Parking Charge Notice for information on how to pay by these methods.


To pay your Parking Charge Notice, please enter your NOTICE SERIAL No.* in the box below and click the payment button appropriate to the current amount owed on the Parking Charge Notice.

WARNING: Failure to enter the correct NOTICE SERIAL No. may result in your payment being void and additional costs incurred.

CUSTOMERS are reminded that it is the responsibility of the individual making a payment online to ensure that they pay the correct charge owed. Any shortfall against the value of the Parking Charge Notice will be notified to the individual making the initial payment and Conkai Security Ltd will pursue for the unpaid amount which may be subject to additional charges or costs, including  costs for debt recovery.

By checking this box I agree to be bound by your terms and conditions.

Please enter your NOTICE SERIAL No.* here: CS/

* Your NOTICE SERIAL No. is indicated at the top of the Parking Charge Notice and begins with the letters 'CS'.







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Latest News

Conkai is now a member of the Independent Parking Committee (IPC) which is an officially recognised Approved Trade Association by the DVLA for the private parking industry.

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