Retail & Leisure
Customer-focused environments require a parking management service that balances the needs of landlords, tenants and motorists. Car parks are a customer's first impression of your business and as such they need to be managed with a focus on customer service.

Clarity of information is the most effective tool in ensuring customer car parks remain free for their intended users. Conkai Security promotes a holistic approach to parking management that marries high visibility staff and signage with enforcement action where necessary.

Our parking enforcement practices have been developed to exceed client requirements and our operations are proven to:

  • Protect/generate revenues;
  • Increase bay turnover & footfall;
  • Improve accessibility;
  • Heighten security.

Under the banner of VCS Vision we are specialists in the provision of cost-neutral Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology, an innovation that allows total automation of retail and leisure sector car park management.

Bringing significant reductions to overheads while increasing enforcement efficiency these camera systems can be used for vehicle managements in a range of environments, including:

  • Maximum Stay;
  • Pay & Display;
  • Secure Access Areas;
  • Pay on Foot.

Conkai Security is also able to provide Disabled and Parent & Child (DPC) space protection. Abuse of DPC bays prevents motorists accessing your facilities leading to lost revenue and distressed customers. DPC protection ensures increased accessibility for those in greatest need.

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Space protection is vital in high congestion areas such as business parks. Firm but fair enforcement ensures spaces are protected for their intended users.

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Vehicle Control Services utilises the latest technologies alongside tried and tested enforcement procedures to ensure retail & leisure parking maintains customer focus.

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Residential parking requires flexibility and clear communication from the ground up. Our parking solutions are developed to meet the needs of our clients and their tenants.

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From permit administration to pay and display parking our experience in this challenging sector ensures space is maximised with value added at every stage.

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Health sector parking has a very specific set of requirements. We balance the needs of staff, patients and visitors to ensure a fair service that protects spaces.

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Conkai Security is a leading UK supplier of parking enforcement. We combine over two decades of experience with technological innovation to provide cost-effective parking solutions and car park management.